RBS – Embracing people’s differences

Diversity and Inclusion

"We value the diversity of our employees and are committed to creating a working environment that is inclusive to all. In order to attract and retain talent and enable employees to reach their full potential we need to embrace people's differences, whether they are related to physical characteristics, such as gender, race, age or disability, or related to their sexual orientation, beliefs and opinions."

Source: http://uk.jobs.rbs.com/pages/diversity

RBS & HotSaltBeef&Mustard

Possible Questions, in no particular order.

1. When did RBS first decide to put a Diversity Programme into place?
2. How was it first received?
3. Did it encourage employees to 'come out'?
4. Was there any negativity towards the diversity programme?
5. Has it encouraged awareness within the non-LGBT employees?
6. Has there been a decrease in bullying related issues?
7. Has it increased productivity?
8. Are there any plans to grow the programme to include other minorities?
9. Is there now more 'openness' within the company?
10. Has there been an increase in applicants from the LGBT community because of the programme?
11. Has there been an increase in business from LGBT companies towards RBS?
12. Do you encourage maternity / paternity leave for same sex couples who decide to have children?
13. Do couples of same-sex partners have the same rights as other couples in the company?