Are You Joining US In The London Pride Parade?


One day to go before the London Pride Parade… I washed my tighty-whities, my HotSaltBeef T-Shirt arrived yesterday and all I still need to decide is: leg-showing summer shorts or booty-shaking denims? And shoes… what shoes? You know what they say: Give a boy the right shoes and he will go anywhere!

HotSaltBeef will be joining Jewish LGBT groups — the Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group, (JGLG), Gay Jews in London (GJIL) and Keshet UK — around 12:15pm tomorrow on the corner of Dorset Street and Baker Street. BKY – Beit Klal Yisrael (the UK’s all-embracing liberal Jewish community) and West London Synagogue will be there too supporting our proud and emerging Jewish LGBT community.

The Pride Parade starts at 13:00pm, and whether you’ll be walking in the Pride Parade with us or just cheering from the side-lines, it will be awesome to see your faces tomorrow. To find out more about the Pride events, the parade route and to download your free Pride guide, follow this link:

If you’d like to learn more about the Jewish LGBT groups and our supporters who are joining the Pride parade tomorrow, click on the thumbnails below:

HotSaltBeef is an exclusive and completely inclusive social networking site for Jewish LGBT (JLGBT) people that provides a sense of togetherness and ‘home-coming’ for JLGBT people online… And HotSaltBeef is not just a dating, but more like the bakery in a Jewish neighbourhood…

The Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group, JGLG, was founded in 1972 when a small advert in Gay News attracted the astonishing total of 190 people to a public meeting called to set up the new organisation. Since then the Group has gone from strength to strength and celebrated their 40th Anniversary in 2012.

A non affiliated social group for Gay Jews In London, or with a connection to London. GJIL plans and organises events throughout the year. The group is open to Jewish guys, gals, and anything inbetween.

Keshet UK champions the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and questioning people in all areas of Jewish life in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2011, their mission is to advocate for change on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) Jews in Great Britain.

Beit Klal Yisrael emerged on the London Jewish scene in 1990. Its roots can be traced back to the collective thought and expereince of a small group of secular Jewish lesbian-feminists. Today BKY is an evolving Jewish community whose ethos is to create a critical dialogue between Judaism’s religious and secular intellectual heritage with a view to voicing new and distinctive forms of Jewish dissent.

WLS Jpeg
West London Synagogue is the UK’s flagship Reform Synagogue and functions as a welcoming intergenerational and inclusive centre of Jewish life. They are proud of their diverse forms of worship, their progressive values, their quest for learning, musical heritage and their 173 years of tradition.

Wishing you day filled with Pride and no prejudice…



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