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We’re pleased to announce the collaboration between HotSaltBeef&Mustard and the UK’s biggest Jewish newspaper, Jewish News, based in London.

Jewish News recently made a bold move in deciding to add a dedicated LGBT section to their website, which will launch today, 23rd June. This is a fantastic show of solidarity that not only gives the Jewish LGBT community a presence and a voice on a mainstream media platform but it also serves as a welcome endorsement of equality.

HotSaltBeef & Jewish News

Allan Davis, CEO of HotSaltBeef, and Sophie Eastaugh, Online Editor for Jewish News, at the launch of the Rainbow Jews Archive.

HSB&M was delighted when the team from Jewish News invited us to partner-up as a contributor to their new LGBT section. This is a promising and very exciting venture, and along with Jewish News, HSB&M will be bringing you the latest news on what’s happening in our community. We’ll be focussing on news stories, events and entertainment, travel and even a bit of LGBT history from around the world… plus much, much more in the pipeline.

We are also offering our readers and members of HotSaltBeef the oppertunity to join this collaboration by becoming a part of our editorial team… no matter where you are in the world. To find out more about becoming part of the HSB&M team, click here.


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