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Editor - Francois is a full-time writer & editor based in London. He is actively (and passionately) involved in the LGBT community, promoting equality and acceptance for all. In 2012, he published the book ‘Love Me As I Am – gay men reflect on their lives’. All profits gained through sales of the book are donated to Diversity Role Models — a UK charity tackling homophobia through education.27 Articles

Joel is a qualified counsellor and psycho-therapeutic supervisor working with both youth and adult clients. He has worked in the LGBT community for over 14 years working in the fields of health, social care and youth work. This has included working in HIV prevention and supporting adults and young people who are living with HIV. Since 1999, Joel has delivered training and workshops in the voluntary and statutory sectors around the themes of sexuality, homophobia and sexual health.16 Articles

Mr HotSaltBeef, also known as Allan Davis, is the CEO of the HotSaltBeef brand. A self confessed geek, you're more likely to find him behind a computer than in a bar but he's willing to change all that for a nice Jewish man!13 Articles

Contributing Editor - Little Red Shoes is a LGBT blog, exploring the complexities, joys and challenges of navigating life in a world where not everyone enjoys equal rights, yet. Little Red Shoes aim to inspire, entertain and create a conversation about the 'stuff' LGBT people have reason to celebrate and the things that are not always easy to talk about.11 Articles

Bubba, or Ruth as her family knows her, is ’70-something young’… widow. She shared 35 wonderful years with her husband Harry. Bubba has a stunning daughter, Rochelle, and is grandmother to four wonderful grandchildren (including her beautiful lesbian granddaughter, India), who gives her more "nachus than she knows what to do with", as Bubba puts it. Bubba likes nothing better than a game of Kalooki and solving the crimes on Murder She Wrote… apart from watching every re-run of Masterchef. And of course, she loves your problems, because she can solve them… or at least try to help.8 Articles

Arts and Entertainment Editor - Stephen is a writer based in London. He is currently writing up-and-coming director Ryan Andrew’s second feature film - due to shoot in 2015 - and developing an original 2-part series with Blacklisted Films. He has recently been working on an original series with Lime Pictures. Stephen was part of the Royal Court’s Invitational Writer’s Group, and also part of Hampstead Theatre’s Skylines programme. His debut play opened Terra Firma Theatre’s 2011-12 Boxcar Reading Series in New York at the Railroad Playhouse in Newburgh, NY before moving on to the Cell Theatre in Manhattan. Stephen was the staff writer on film magazine, Encore in Sydney before working as an Associate Editor for New Talent on literary magazine Notes from the Underground.3 Articles

Assistant Editor - Shiraaz Chaim Sidat, has his finger on the pulse of what's happening within the JLGBT community, bringing charm and wit wherever he goes with his gregarious attitude and infectious smile.3 Articles

We welcome guest writers who would like to share their experiences with us, to help, inspire or educate us. You can either write under your own name or perhaps you would like to remain anonymous. We would love to hear from you. You can contact us at editor@hotsaltbeefandmustard.com for more information.1 Articles

Yanir Dekel has a decade of experience in entertainment, journalism, and digital media in Israel and the U.S. He headed PR for Helicon Records - one of the top two Record Labels in Israel - for several years before moving to LA in April of 2009. Yanir now works as an "Online Outreach" and content administration freelancer, managing content and social media, as well as providing computer programing and graphic design for online and print1 Articles

Contributing Editor - Surat Shaan Rathgeber Knan is a UK-based LGBT campaigner who has recently been described by one of the largest Jewish mainstream newspapers as belonging to a ‘new crop of (sometimes controversial) LGBT Jewish leaders making waves around the world’. Surat works for Liberal Judaism and runs the landmark initiative Rainbow Jews. Profile photo courtesy of Ajamu1 Articles

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